Mary Tolan found a deep connection in Baptist Gospel music. Her music therapist played hymns on her phone one afternoon while visiting, and Mary was moved to tears. The lyrics and melody brought great joy to her heart.

April from Florence Home nominated sweet Mary to receive a Dream. When describing Mary, she said “Mary loves to sing and dance. And she loves her ice cream!” When Dreamweaver told her that we were hosting an Ice Cream Social with live music, a smile came to her face.

Mary walked into the room wearing a beautiful black hat and new outfit from Von Maur. She looked stunning as her friends and family clapped and cheered for her. Everyone gathered into the room, scooped up ice cream and toppings, then took a seat for the vocal performance.

Nisha from Salem Baptist Church was a talented and warm woman, excited to share her talents with the guests. She started off with a beautiful prayer and then began to sing. Old hymns such as “Amazing Grace”, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, and “Wade in the Water” had everyone clapping and singing along. Once again, Mary was moved to tears.

During a brief break in the performance, Mary got up with some friends and began to dance. She shimmied and shook, bumped and bopped. Her gentle eyes and smile showed up in every photo friends took of her. She looked and felt like a queen.

As Nisha finished her inspiring performance, she was met with a standing ovation. Everyone clapped and sang along—the room felt like a church. Hugs and laughs were shared with Mary as she finished up her chocolate ice cream and sprinkles.

Thank you Florence Home, Salem Baptist Church, and Von Maur for making this dream possible.