Maryann moved with her family from St. Louis to Omaha when she was just 18 months old. Omaha had more jobs opportunities for laborers. Growing up with two sisters and three brothers, there was always someone to play with. Reading, watching movies, cooking and shopping were and still are Maryann’s favorite hobbies.

Attending Metro College for a short time in the early 1960s to learn about computers and data entry, Maryann quickly discovered she already knew the information the professors were teaching. That’s when she decided to leave Metro and start her career. After a few data entry jobs, she dedicated 17 years at UNMC. In her free time, Maryann loved to shop!

It was no surprise to her sister, Charlene, that April, Social Services Director at Florence Home would nominate Maryann to fulfill her dream of going on a shopping spree. Maryann’s dream day consisted of having a delicious steak at Anthony’s Steakhouse for lunch before starting her shopping adventure at Oakview Mall. Sherri and Ashley from St. Croix Hospice and Dreamweaver Dream Coordinator welcomed Maryann and Charlene to Anthony’s Steakhouse. After enjoying a tasty appetizer, juicy steak entrée and a decadent dessert the ladies headed to Oakview Mall. It only took Maryann 90 minutes to shop at her favorite store, JC Penny’s, before she was ready to head home. Blouses, robes, dresses, and purses now fill her closet. And, almost all of the items are purple! She didn’t know she had a theme going on. It was such a wonderful day!

Thank you Florence Home, St. Croix Hospice, Midwest Medical, Anthony’s Steakhouse and JC Penny’s for helping Dreamweaver Foundation fulfill Maryann’s Dream.