Mary Kay has always loved going to movies at the movie theater. Ever since she was a young adult, she and her friend, Mary Ellen, would get together every week to catch a movie. Their friendship not only took them to the movie theater, but they also enjoyed traveling around the country together. When Mary Kay was nominated for a Dream with Dreamweaver Foundation, she knew exactly what she wished for most . . . to see a movie at the theatre once more with her dear friend. It had been almost three years since they had been to a movie theatre, and it just felt right to do it again! 

In preparation for her Dream, Mary Kay was pampered with a manicure, hair appointment, and a new outfit. Mary Kay loved her new outfit and visited all her friends at Brookestone Meadows to show it off. When it was time to leave for her Dream, Mary Kay was surprised to see over 20 of her friends from Brookestone Meadows cheering for her as she made her way to the limo. Mary Kay was blown away by the surprise and noted “it was the best sendoff.”  

Enjoying the luxury of the limo, the first stop of the night was to pick up Mary Ellen at her home and then make their way to Johnny’s Steakhouse. The ladies enjoyed a delicious steak and pasta dinner, Mary Kay noting it was enough food to last her for three meals! Following dinner, and back in the limo, the friends set off to the Majestic Cinema, where the pair enjoyed an important photo shoot before finding their seats to see The Fabelmans. It was a good and long movie- almost three hours long!  

These two dear friends had such a wonderful night, with both ecstatic to be reunited and return to their beloved movie theater. The Dreamweaver team is honored we were able to make a very deserving woman’s Dream come true.