Spreading cheer with every beat, holiday tunes make the season complete! Marla appreciates the small joys of the holiday season, including the seasonal melodies, which made her dream of seeing Mannheim Steamroller perform right before Christmas, all the sweeter!

Before making her way to the Orpheum, Marla was treated to a new outfit, that also reflected the dazzle of the holiday season. With a matching manicure, a new and shortened hairstyle, and accessories, Marla was dressed for the occasion! Marla was joined by her lifelong best friend, Cheri, to join in the fun.

Once at the Orpheum, Marla was dazzled by the Mannheim Steamroller experience. With seats in the fourth row, Marla not only enjoyed the performance, she did so while being “up close and personal” with the performers. While listening to the harmonies and holiday classics, Marla was delighted to hear her favorite song, Silent Night.   It was difficult for Marla to describe her experience; however, she was able to articulate a few words, including “wonderful, spectacular, and “speechless.”

After being filled with the holiday spirit, Marla made her way to Lazlo’s for a meal with her family. After five long years, Marla was able to enjoy a steak dinner, which was cooked to perfection. As Marla reflects on her day, she is in awe of her experience and the opportunity to have her dream come true, which would not have been possible without Dreamweaver Foundation. The gratitude that Marla has is abundant, and her special day “means more to me than words can ever describe.”