Marilyn had been singing for decades. She was part of the Sweet Adeline’s Acapella Chorus in Omaha for many years and enjoyed traveling, singing, performing and making memories with the fun-loving ladies in the group. For her Dream, her social worker Inga knew that hearing the ladies sing again would be deeply meaningful.

The Sweet Adeline’s (or Acapella Omaha as they are now called) are a group of 20-40 ladies that sweetly serenade individuals and groups with their upbeat songs. Their vocals are incredible and they take great pride in their ability to sing without any instruments guiding them—they truly make the music. Marilyn loved being part of the group, but because of her declining health, she knew that it was time for her to just listen.

The performers dressed in beautiful red and Marilyn looked beautiful in her sparkles too. She watched as they sang songs from the past and present, creating beautiful melodies to clap and snap to. There are great healing and therapeutic qualities in music, and Marilyn felt that joy on her Dream Day.

After the performance, Marilyn and her family gathered together for a lunch from Red Lobster. Delicious shrimp, lobster, crab cakes and steak were shared for everyone to enjoy. They ended the day with a sweet treat chocolate brownie cake and cheesecake.

To hear the ladies perform again, but this time as an audience member, was something special for Marilyn and her family. They said there were a few happy tears shed, remembering all of the good times and sweet music.

Thank you to Acapella Omaha and Red Lobster for making this Dream possible for Marilyn!