Aloha and greetings from the tropical oasis of Fremont, Nebraska! Despite being in the Midwest, many miles from any ocean beach, Marilyn was transported to the tropics when she was treated to a vibrant birthday luau for her Dream!

Marilyn received the surprise of a lifetime when she arrived at the Fremont State Lodge and found herself in the middle of her very own tropical celebration. With the Lodge decorated in vibrant colors and tropical vibes, the guests matched the theme, sporting their best Hawaiian and tropical outfits! To bring the luau to the next level, guests added grass skirts and flower leis to their ensembles, resulting in many laughs and everyone embracing their inner child!

During the party, Marilyn was the ultimate host as she spent her afternoon talking to each and every guest! Marilyn was joined by so many loved ones, including her family, friends from the Fremont Friendship Center, Church, great nieces, and nephews, and even family members from California and Nevada! Spending a few moments chatting with each guest kept Marilyn joyfully busy. She was simply blown away by the presence of all her friends and family members as she soaked in the attention and their love. While everyone was gathered, Marilyn took the opportunity to thank them all for coming to celebrate her birthday and expressed her love to each one!

The party ended on a particularly high note, as all the guests sang Marilyn “Happy Birthday!” Marilyn celebrated this early birthday with her very own cake and proudly blew out the candles. Despite Marilyn being the star of the show, she was most happy that everyone was able to come together, and she cherishes the time they spent in each other’s company.

The Dreamweaver Foundation was happy to have a hand in transporting Marilyn to the tropics for a very special birthday with beloved family and friends.