For over six decades, Marianne has been writing poetry. For her Dream, she and her daughter wanted to see all her beautiful work compiled into one place. Held within the pages of a book titled, “My Poems”, Marianne finally could see her art in black and white and can share her writing legacy with her family.

The following is her biography, located on the first page of her book:

“Marianne has been writing poetry since age 11. She loves using her creativity to express her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Her first poem was “Easter Bunny” and she continued to write hundreds of poems ever since. As the single mother of two children, Marianne wanted an outlet to explore her interests. She enjoyed working, acting, and raising a family. Although time was limited and she remained quite busy, she could always find time to put the pen to paper and jot down a poem of how she was feeling. For over six decades Marianne wrote her beloved poetry. She entered poems into contests, won prizes for her writing, and even dreamed of having her poems turned into songs. As her MS diagnosis challenged her ability to write new poems, her family and friends enjoy sharing together in the thousands of words she so delicately chose in years past. This book is a celebration of some of her favorite poems, all together for others to enjoy. Gifted from Dreamweaver Foundation Fall 2020.”

On the day her book was delivered, there was a special twinkle in her eye. Although Marianne is no longer able to speak, her gentle smile and warm touch showed her appreciation. Her daughter was at peace knowing her mom’s work was celebrated and all together.

Thank you to the Dreamweaver Volunteers who helped compile this very special book for Marianne!