Margaret’s daughter beautifully writes to Dreamweaver Foundation:

“Margaret’s dream is simply to live her life to the fullest.  Enjoying each and every day.  She feels very blessed to have lived her life of 100 years seeing the many, many changes that have been made in this world.  She has been fortunate to travel to many countries and throughout the “Good Old USA.” She has taught many, many children influencing so many lives throughout the years.  It is her dream to continue living her life to the fullest until the Good Lord calls her home.” – Leslie

In 1938, Margaret graduated from Doane College with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  She dedicated 37 years to hundreds, maybe even thousands of students!  In addition to raising her own family.

On May 6th, Margaret celebrated a major milestone, her 100th birthday!  Her family planned an open house and family dinner creating a space for all the people in Margaret’s life to come help her celebrate.

Geri from AseraCare Lincoln heard about Margaret’s important party and discovered they were in need of a photographer. She knew how meaningful it would be to capture the special people and magic moments at the party, so she reached out to Dreamweaver Foundation for help.

Maggie from C41 Photography was able to attend Margaret’s party as the special photographer. She happily spent time taking candid photos of all the attendees, laughing and smiling, reminiscing and celebrating.  And she gathered Margaret’s family, to take those all-important and once-in-a-lifetime family photos, capturing everyone in the present moment.

Nearly 150 people gathered to celebrate and honor their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, teacher, neighbor, or mentor. The extensive list of relationships with Margaret is never ending…she touched and enriched so very many lives

Leslie shared, “Being able to reflect on her special celebration with the photographer and pictures will help her to relive over and over those special moments.”

Thank you AseraCare Lincoln and C41 Photography for partnering with us to fulfill Margaret’s Dream.