A birthday is always a momentous occasion, but especially when it’s your 95th birthday!

Marcella’s family started planning her milestone birthday party, but were struggling to find an available photographer to capture her legacy. Shannon from Sumner Place is familiar with Dreamweaver Foundation’s mission, and hoped we would help find a photographer to capture the special moments.

Dreamweaver Foundation and Amber Rae Photography often partner to capture the precious moments during a dream and ensure they last a lifetime. We were in luck. Amber Rae was available to photograph Marcella’s birthday.

Marcella’s day began with her favorite: Valentino’s lunch. Pizza, spaghetti and breadsticks filled the table and the bellies of Marcella’s kids, grandkids and great-grandkids! It also happened to be the most beautiful day in February, giving Marcella’s photos the fresh outdoor feel. The warm sunshine on her skin beamed as she glowed with happiness.

“It was a fabulous day. She stayed awake for the entire party,” the family shared with Dreamweaver Foundation. “That’s a sign of a good day. She was still talking about how much fun she had on Monday. We appreciate this so much.”

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Sumner Place, Amber Rae Photography, Valentino’s Pizza and Hy-Vee for partnering with us to fulfill Marcella’s dream.