Manuel has always been a family man. Alongside his loving wife, they raised many children and grandchildren. Holidays, birthdays and celebrations were filled with delicious food and great music. Manuel has wonderful memories of parties with his loved ones, and for his Dream he wanted to relive that lively, fun atmosphere.

For Manuel’s Dream, it was most important to have as many friends and family there as possible. Dreamweaver even flew in some family from Florida so they could be in town to celebrate. Second most important was the food—his favorite meal was ordered from Guaca Maya. Flavorful rice and beans, chips and salsa, seafood and potatoes were delivered to his home for everyone to enjoy. He also wanted to make sure there was live music, so Dreamweaver brought in a mariachi band.

The day of Manuel’s Dream was bright and sunny, and over 30 people arrived to their home. With hugs, laugher and clinks of beer cans, the family was gathered for a fiesta! Dreamweaver volunteers decorated the house with colorful streamers, and the food and drinks were displayed for all to enjoy.

Manuel’s family and friends dressed up, and with big smiles enjoyed the party. Manuel sang along to the mariachi music and everyone enjoyed the time together—just like the many times in years past.

Thank you to Hillcrest Hospice, Guaca Maya Restaurant, Luna y Sol Mariachi, and Dreamweaver volunteers for helping Manuel have his fiesta of a lifetime.