Macy Huber LOVES George W. Bush!  She knows more about our 43rd president than all the Dreamweaver team combined! Macy can often be found sharing her passion and rattling off various facts about George W. Bush. Did you know he loves Folgers coffee? Macy’s Dream was to have anything related to the second President Bush.

The Dreamweaver team was able to obtain a first edition autographed copy of the GWB book “Decision Points.” Not only was the book a signed, first edition, but it also came with a pretty special story. The seller was a United States Veteran and reported that after he was injured in the service, President George W. Bush sat at his side in the hospital. When Macy opened her gift, her eyes were full of LOVE as she looked at her own small piece of her hero, hers to keep. But of course, her excitement wasn’t for herself but still for President Bush stating, “amazing, he is amazing.” And the Dreamweaver team was pleased to be able to fulfill Macy’s Dream in such an amazing way!