Lynette and her wife Vickie have never had to look too hard to find reasons to celebrate and live life to the fullest.  This loving couple has been together for thirty years, and every ten years they have celebrated their commitment by throwing themselves a wedding. This pair also shares a love for traveling, and they had a tradition of taking turns selecting their vacation destinations every year. It was Lynette’s turn to pick this year, and she chose Paris, but unfortunately her stroke put an end to their grand plan. Lynette’s hospice social worker, Kelsey, from Serene Care Hospice nominated Lynette to receive a Dream because she knew that despite their circumstances, Lynette and Vickie could find a reason to celebrate at home. 

Lynette and Vickie told us that while they did enjoy going out, their favorite thing is hosting family and friends for small get-togethers at their home, but they have not done this for a while due to the pandemic and Lynette’s health.  Vickie laughed when she told us how these parties would usually end abruptly with “Nettie” politely and playfully kicking people out saying “Party’s over!  Everyone go home, I’m going to bed!”  Lynette lit up when we suggested that she host another party, and that we take the burden of cooking off of Vickie (who serves as Lynette’s primary caregiver) by providing a catered meal from her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster.  We wanted the ladies to feel their best and enjoy some pampering before the party, so we set them up with in-home manicures to kick off the big day.   

Lynette was feeling bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed the morning of the party, and Amber Lihs Photography was able to capture for posterity the smiles and laughter at this festive occasion!  We know that just getting together with loved ones and enjoying her favorite food was good for Nettie’s soul.  Vickie was surprised how well Lynette’s energy held up during the party, and laughed that Nettie kicked everyone out much later than she expected! 

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Serene Care Hospice for introducing us to Lynette through our nomination process.  We would also like to thank Amber Lihs Photography for working her magic to capture the charm, warmth and love in this Dream!