Lynda is a survivor!  No matter what life has thrown at her (cancer, a devastating car accident, and her own share of heartache), she has remained strong and optimistic.  Her love for her family – husband Marv, her children, and grandchildren – is palpable!  Lynda credits her family’s love and support and her happy upbringing in sunny California for her ability to always find the silver lining and a reason to be thankful.

Lynda’s childhood was idyllic in many ways—-growing up on a small dairy farm in Galt, California, she was part of a joyful community full of wonderful friends who looked out for one another.  Some of her happiest memories include roller skating with her sisters on Friday nights, sing-alongs around a picnic table with her friends, and picking wildflowers for her elderly neighbors who would repay the favor by treating her to homemade bread with butter and the best strawberry jelly.  When Lynda reached high school she realized that Drama was her niche.  She made many great friends through her school’s Drama program.

Lynda was practically speechless when she learned that her friend, JoLeen, had nominated her to receive a Dream.  As someone who has always gone out of her way to help others (be it through the free-lunch program she and her husband started in North Omaha, or sharing her love for drama by volunteering for children’s theater productions), Lynda had a hard time deciding on a Dream for herself. As fate would have it, an invitation arrived in her mailbox the day before her Dream Interview that gave her some direction.  Lynda knew that nothing would make her happier than attending her 50th high school reunion in her beloved hometown.

Our friends at Corporate Travel Management (CTM) helped us plan the perfect California Dream for Lynda!  The Hyatt Regency Sacramento was a comfortable jumping off place for Lynda and Marv’s California adventure. A spa treatment before seeing old friends at her reunion helped Lynda feel like her teenage self.  A rental car gave the happy couple the freedom they needed to explore Lynda’s old stomping grounds and get them to the beach!  Lynda even won a prize at the reunion for traveling the farthest!  Though the big picnic basket full of California wine was hard to carry on to the plane—Lynda and Marv were determined to bring a little taste of home back to Omaha with them.

Lynda returned from her California Dream with a full heart and wonderful new memories of spending time with the very people who had helped shape her resilience and positive outlook. Our wonderful volunteer, Mary, was there at the Omaha airport to welcome them home with open arms and a helpful hand when their plane touched down!  As the limo whisked Lynda and Marv back to their home, Lynda was overcome with gratitude for the experience of revisiting the place and the people who inspired her to always find the bright side.

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Corporate Travel Management (CTM) for helping us to plan the perfect California Dream for Lynda, Perfect Balance Day Spa in Lodi California for helping our Dreamer to feel her best, and Avis Rental Car for helping Lynda and Marv see all their favorite sights (and people!) in California.