Lynda has been a REO Speedwagon fan for years, always playing their music in her car. So, when an upcoming REO Speedwagon concert in Lincoln, NE, was announced, her dream was an easy decision.

Dressed in new band merch, Lynda was ready for a night of rock and roll! Before the concert, Lynda and her family enjoyed a meal at her favorite local restaurant, Applebee’s. After savoring some fish and chips, the group headed to Lincoln. Despite the growing anticipation, a rain delay kept them waiting.

Finally, the rain cleared, and it was time to rock out! Lynda soaked in every sight and sound the concert offered. During the show, she even caught the eye of a cowboy who kindly tipped his hat at her. The concert was worth the wait, and Lynda enjoyed every minute! She was so enthralled that she wanted to get closer to the stage and take her wheelchair into the pit!

Lynda’s dream was one incredible night, but weeks later, she is still relishing her experience and has been “happy ever since.”