Is there any better way to celebrate your birthday than with 85,000 cheering Husker fans and your family? Lowell celebrated his birthday on September 21st, and it worked out that he could celebrate by attending his first Husker football game a few days later.

Making his way to Lincoln, Lowell was dressed head-to-toe in Husker gear and ready to cheer on the Huskers! Lowell’s niece, Kathy, and her husband, John, joined Lowell once he reached Memorial Stadium. As they were making their way up to their club seats, Lowell snagged a picture with numerous members of the Husker cheerleading squad.

Lowell beamed as he took his first glimpse of the football field from his seat. He couldn’t stop smiling and soaked up the whole Husker experience. Watching a football game on TV is one thing, but it is another to experience it in person- specifically the tunnel walk! It didn’t take long for Lowell to familiarize himself with the cheers and chants of the crowd as he was clapping and celebrating the team’s successes.

Lowell happily watched all the action between the players, the cheering crowd, and the music as he found himself tapping along with delight. Despite a delay in the game due to lightning, Lowell’s dedication to the Huskers did not waver as he stayed until the end to witness the Huskers get their second win of the season. Dreamweaver Foundation is thrilled to have assisted Lowell in celebrating his birthday with a Husker win and an unforgettable Nebraska Game Day experience!