Lori and her three daughters spent many nights sleeping under the stars in years past. Their quality time camping together was filled with memories of laughter, bonfires, and stories. Not often do you hear that four girls shared a tent together, but this was something Lori and her girls were proud of.

When her friend Joan nominated Lori to receive a Dream, she knew that all Lori would like to do is have some peaceful time out in nature with her girls. Lori was grateful to hear that this opportunity was possible and Dreamweaver began planning a camping trip for Lori.

Although they had spent many nights sharing a tent, this time, Lori felt like they wanted to try a different approach. This time, with the help of Robert from RV Share, Lori and the girls shared a luxurious 32-foot RV. It came fully equipped with beds, kitchen space, TV’s and a living room. It looked a lot more like “glamping” than some of their trips in the past, but they had an easy time adjusting to the upgrades while still enjoying the simplicity of nature.

They enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend—playing games, sitting around the fire, walking among the trees, telling stories and reflecting on past camping trips. A family friend came out to take candid photographs of Lori and her girls, capturing their warm smiles and love for each other.

The weekend under the stars was just as Lori wished. It was a time to reflect, to be still with nature, to hug the ones close to you, and to be grateful for all the quirks and qualities of camp life.

Thank you to Robert with RV Share and Ponca State Park for making this Dream possible!