Lori’s favorite thing to do is watch her grandchildren play. Whether swimming at the pool or gathered around a meal, she loves being with her grandkids. Their laughter and smiles fill her with joy, and she feels lucky to be their grandma.

After a hard year—including a cancer diagnosis—all Lori wanted was to have a special day with her children and grandchildren. She knew she wanted to make it the best Christmas ever, and Dreamweaver knew just how to help.

With all ten of them in a limo, Lori and her family rode to Westroads Mall for an afternoon of festive holiday shopping. Strolling the stores, playing with toys, and looking at all the magic was just what she wanted. Lori was able to purchase gifts for her grandkids that they would always remember. She bought some new clothes for herself too! But the best part was just being together in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

After shopping, Lori and her family enjoyed a seafood feast at Red Lobster. With plenty of food and margaritas for all, the family joined around the dinner table, laughed and shared stories. They have been to this restaurant before, but this time was particularly special.

Lori was so grateful for this holiday time together with the ones she loves most.

Thank you to VIP Limo and Red Lobster for making this Dream a reality.