With a special birthday on the horizon, Sumner Place reached out to Dreamweaver Foundation to help Lois celebrate in a big way!  And Dreamweaver was thrilled to assist Lois in celebrating her 96th birthday! After meeting with Lois, it was evident that the best way to celebrate her was to surround her with her family. 

When imagining her birthday celebration, Lois decided to include a pizza party with just her family, followed by an open house for her friends and the community. With the assistance of Lois’s daughter, Ellie, the family was quickly informed of the party and arrangements were made by many of them to make the trip!

Looking her best in a lovely spring outfit and freshly done curls in her hair, Lois and her family gathered to enjoy a pizza party with family members coming from as far away as North Dakota, Las Vegas, and even Los Angeles!  The room was filled with reminiscing, laughter and love! With four generations of her family gathered by her side, Amber Lihs Photography captured the love from all of them for Lois in photos!

After enjoying pizza, the fun continued as her friends were welcomed to the celebration. Lois was showered with happy birthday wishes and joy in celebrating her 96th year! She was overjoyed with her birthday celebration and absolutely felt so loved. The Dreamweaver Team thanks Sumner Place for introducing us to Lois and allowing us to join in her celebration!