Liz has a zest for life. Her positivity, love for her family, and gratitude is infectious! When the Dreamweaver team was introduced to Liz, she was getting ready to celebrate her 98th birthday. Her Dream was to be surrounded by her loved ones and explore somewhere beautiful. She has a tradition with her son; when he visits, they go to breakfast and then find an adventure.

Previous adventures included the Lincoln Zoo, walking around the mall, driving around neighborhoods, and exploring Lauritzen Gardens. When discussing her Dream, Liz expressed her desire to return to Lauritzen Gardens with her family for her birthday.

Dreamweaver made sure Liz was ready for her big day with a gorgeous new outfit in her favorite colors and her hair and nails freshly done. Dressed to the nines, Liz was ready to celebrate her big day! To keep the tradition going, Liz and her family planned to go to breakfast to begin their day. A limo picked them up for Liz’s first limo ride ever! She was so happy to be having fun with her family by her side. Her son sat next to her and held her hand the entire trip as off they went for Liz’s birthday adventure.

When the restaurant they planned to eat at was too busy, they decided to find a Wendy’s on their way to Omaha… another one of Liz’s favorites. It turned out to be the best place to eat because they had the entire restaurant to themselves! They joked that they rented out Wendy’s just for her birthday, or maybe it was the limo they arrived in? No one minded where they ate, as long as they were spending time together.

After breakfast, Liz and her family continued to Omaha to explore Lauritzen Gardens. Even during the winter holiday season, beautiful plants and vibrant colors decorate the gardens. They walked around the conservatory admiring all the exotic plants and flowers, stopping for several photos. Liz was in awe of the large poinsettia tree design; she said it was the most beautiful arrangement. They were happy to stumble across a flute concert in the upstairs auditorium. Liz truly enjoyed spending time listening to the magnificent music. Before departing, they visited the garden gift shop. Liz is not one to spend money on herself, but when she spotted a table of soft cashmere scarves, she agreed that one of them would complete her always-classy wardrobe. 

When the family returned to Sumner Place from their garden adventures, they shared sandwiches for lunch and birthday cake! Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Liz as she concluded a wonderful birthday spent with her loving family. There was so much cake left that the nurses planned to celebrate again with her neighbors after dinner. Liz’s family agreed that this birthday celebration was the highlight of their year! The Dreamweaver team was grateful to play a role in making all of Liz’s birthday Dreams come true.