Linda loves purple. That’s how her love for the Minnesota Vikings began! Her husband, Brett, was already a fan, he has been since he was a boy, so when they got married Linda jumped on the bandwagon and became a Vikings fan too, mostly because of her love for the color purple. Now, for 36 years, Linda has joined Brett watching the Vikings game after game and season after season. They have always watched from the comfort of their home.

Linda worked as a bank teller for many years, dreaming of the day when she could watch her favorite player, Stefan Diggs, at US Bank Stadium. In 2013, Linda was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her oncologist, Dr. Silberstein at CHI Health, knows how much Linda loves her Minnesota Vikings, so he recommended she check out Dreamweaver Foundation. Linda was so excited about the possibilities; she shared the mission of Dreamweaver with her brother-in-law and son. That night, with thoughtful and caring words they both nominated Linda to fulfill her dream.

When Dreamweaver Foundation first met Linda it was a dreary spring day, but the talk of fulfilling a dream seemed to bring new life to the day. Linda will admit, she and Brett are not good travelers, so she was a little apprehensive about traveling. After thinking for a few days about her different dreams, attending a Minnesota Vikings game in US Bank Stadium kept coming back to mind, she knew this was it; this was her dream.

After months of planning and waiting, the day had finally come to leave for Minnesota. VIP Limo escorted Linda and Brett in style to the airport. They were so excited to arrive at their hotel to rest before the next two days…they were going to be two big days! They knew their hotel was close to the stadium, but they couldn’t believe how close – they could probably throw a rock and hit one of the entrance gates!

On Saturday, the plan was to spend a couple hours touring Mall of America, most excited for the Vikings Locker Room store. Linda stocked up on all things purple and gold and Brett even met the Vikings Cheerleaders! Being surrounded by Vikings gear and fans was pumping Linda up for the game. Finally, it was game day! Vikings fans were everywhere. The lobby was filled with purple jerseys and the streets looked like a sea of purple and gold.

Linda and Brett met Vikings Community Relations Representative, Grace, near the Viking Boat outside of the stadium…it was such a surreal feeling standing outside the stadium. Grace welcomed Linda by giving her a goodie bag full of Vikings gear, including a jersey of her favorite player, Stefan Diggs. Grace guided the couple through the stadium onto the field to watch the players warm up for about an hour. Linda met a few special people; Vikings 2017 Rookie of the Year, Pat Elflein, Victor the mascot and several head honchos!

Generously donated by the Vikings, Linda and Brett had the best view in the stadium. For hours, they cheered and cheered. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the Vikings day for a win, but that didn’t matter. Linda was just happy to see a game in US Bank Stadium.

Thank you Minnesota Vikings, Travel and Transport and VIP Limo for helping us fulfill Linda’s Dream.