Leonard loves Hawaii. He has visited a few times and loves everything about it—the weather, the palm trees, the margaritas on the beach, and the hula girls. Something about the tropical culture and the carefree lifestyle makes Leonard feel at ease. Bright colors and soothing music make him happy.

For his Dream, Jen at David Place and Amy with Vetter, knew that a Hawaiian Luau would be the perfect celebration for Leonard. After a few months of planning, and a few changes to the plan because of COVID-19, Leonard was able to enjoy his special day.

Dreamweaver had to get creative—how can we throw a Hawaiian-themed party safely and at in a socially distance way? The weather in Nebraska on Leonard’s big day was much different than Hawaii, with cool fall temperatures in the 40’s. It was a sunny day though, and everyone was so excited to be a part of the celebration.

Authentic and beautiful floral leis were delivered from Hawaii, showing off the bright, tropical colors of the islands. The nurses and staff at David Place decorated Leonard’s entire room. There were flowers and streamers dangling from the ceiling and a Tikki Bar sign over his front door. Add in the pineapple glowing lights and coconut cups and Leonard felt like he was really there!

The best part of all was the hula dancers. Just outside Leonard’s window, the ladies from Trade Winds Hula performed beautiful, traditional Hawaiian hula dances, swaying gently to the music. They streamed the music inside the building so he could hear what they were dancing to. Although the hula dancers were bundled up against the fall chill, they still wore their skirts and flowers and created a truly enjoyable experience.

Leonard took it all in from safely inside his room, sharing the experience with one of his family members. It truly was a special day. This time of isolation has been hard for so many seniors, including Leonard. Giving him a day to “transport” to Hawaii, his favorite place in the world, was truly a Dream come true.

Thank you to David Place, Trade Winds Hula, and everyone who helped make Leonard’s Dream a reality.