A day full of papering is just what Lavonne and her sister Shirley needed. With the help from Spa With Friends, a mobile spa-service provider, the two girls had a fantastic day of soothing smiles and calm relaxation as they were treated to an in-home spa experience.

Lavonne was diagnosed with ALS. Her loving husband Ron and sister Shirley have been a great support throughout her journey. When hospice social worker Ashley told Lavonne about Dreamweaver Foundation and what they could do, Lavonne excitedly shared that being treated to a luxurious spa day would be the perfect experience. She could relax, enjoy and feel truly special.

Spa With Friends is a mobile spa service that brings manicures, facials and massages to any location. The owner, Sue, was outstandingly helpful and passionate about delivering the perfect day for Lavonne. She quickly gathered her service providers, and the hairstylist, manicurist and massage therapists were all lined up and ready for a fun day.

With a fresh bouquet of HyVee flowers delivered to her door, Lavonne’s day started wonderfully. Inside the flower vase were candies and treats the ladies could snack on throughout the day. Then the service providers came, and the ladies were all set for relaxation.

A beautiful hairstyle, fantastic nail polish and a newly relaxed back was exactly what Lavonne and her sister were looking for in a Dream Day. They spent quality time together and shared in an activity they had done before, but never brought to the comfort of their home. The ladies loved the moments they shared together, and the service providers were happy to offer such a memorable experience.

Thank you to Spa With Friends and HyVee for making this Dream possible.