Larry was involved with farming his entire life. From corn to soybeans to wheat, he and his family plated, grew, nurtured and harvested the crops.

Harvest is a very special time for many Midwestern families. It’s a time of long hours, hard work but great reward. Larry had been involved with dozens of Harvests over the years, but because of his health, he wasn’t able to participate as he had before.

When he mentioned to his Serene Care Hospice workers that he was interested in watching his family during Harvest again, they knew to call Dreamweaver to see how we could help. With assistance from Serene worker, Jeff, Larry was able to visit his family farms and watch the day unfold.

It was a beautiful sunny fall day with the light crisp wind in the air. So much of Harvest depends on the weather, but everything worked out for Larry. His family has many farms across Southeast Nebraska and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where and when they will be at which location. But with the help of his daughter, they chose just the right spot.

Larry enjoyed watching the big machines and trucks gather up the crops to be harvested and taken away. It was a bit nostalgic for him, seeing everyone work together to complete this incredible task. He was filled with pride and happiness seeing his family work hard and taking care of the land he had spent time on many years ago.

Thank you to Serene Care Hospice and Midwest Medical Transportation for making this Dream possible!