Larry looked up to his father as sons do. His father was a successful, outgoing businessman. He taught Larry to always introduce himself with a firm handshake. 65 years later, each person that passes his path, he greets with, “Hi, I’m Larry” and a handshake. Besides getting his father’s outgoing gene, he also enjoys fishing like his father. It was a pastime; Larry shared with his dad and brother, Geary.

The last few years have been tough on Larry. His mom, who is also his best friend, health has started to decline and so has his. Larry has Parkinson’s and is a double amputee. Tiffany from AseraCare wanted to do something for Larry that would put a smile on his face. Things he once enjoyed, like fishing, is now a bit more difficult. Tiffany reached out to Dreamweaver to help Larry get back on the water.

It was a hot, but beautiful August afternoon. Larry and Nancy, his AseraCare aide, arrived a Lake Wanahoo ready to fish! Geary and Cheri, Dreamweaver Foundation Executive Director, her kids and Live Well Go Fish representatives welcomed Larry. In no time, the group was loaded onto the wheelchair accessible pontoon boat and they were off!

Once on the boat, he and the other fishermen enjoyed Larry’s favorite meal, hamburgers and fries. Larry would hardly wait to get a fishing pole in his hands; he wanted to wait to eat his strawberry ice cream. One after another, he kept catching fish! He caught eight fish total. Geary only catching one fish. Larry made sure not to let his brother forget he caught more fish! By the time, Larry was done catching fish his ice cream had melted, but it didn’t matter. He was so happy to be on the water, enjoying making memories with his brother.

Geary told Dreamweaver, “Larry really enjoyed fishing. He had a nice time. Thank you so much.”

Thank you Live Well. Go Fish, AseraCare Hospice Omaha, Midwest Medical and Amber Rae Photography for partnering with Dreamweaver to fulfill Larry’s Dream.