Kristine has always been fond of musical theater. She would attend performances at the Orpheum, the  Omaha Community Playhouse, and the Holland. Upbeat and romantic show tunes were her favorite and she loved looking at the colorful costumes.

Her love for the arts didn’t stop with the theater. Kristine worked with clay, making pottery and beautiful decorative angels for many years. She sold her pieces to art enthusiasts in Papillion and Omaha. She moved around—from Minnesota, to Colorado, eventually ending up in Nebraska. At each of her destinations, she found music and art that could bring her joy.

With help from Kelsey, Maria, and the Omaha Community Playhouse, Dreamweaver planned to bring a morning of musical theater to Kristine at Plattsmouth Care and Rehabilitation. She and ten other residents were excited to hear the incredible voices of the performers.

Mackenzie, Analisa, and Jim from the Omaha Community Playhouse shared their talents by singing a variety of musical pieces to Kristine and her friends. Everyone was smiling and rocking as they sang songs from Guys and Dolls, South Pacific, Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked. Kristine smiled as familiar songs were played on the piano and the harmonious voices filled the room.

Kristine enjoyed a sweet treat from Carson’s Cookie Fix and was given a beautiful spring bouquet at the end of the morning. She smiled softly with a gentle twinkle in her eye, “Thank you, this was beautiful,” she shared.

The Dream concluded with conversation and mingling with the actresses. They shared stories and experiences from their time in the theater. Kristine and other residents applauded their performance and shared hugs and handshakes in gratitude.

Thank you to the Omaha Community Playhouse, Carson’s Cookie Fix, and Serene Hospice for making this Dream a reality!