Kriss is the beloved matriarch of her family. Along with her family, the ocean has always held a special place in her heart. Because she is the happiest near the water, she wanted one last beach vacation. Kriss and her family have many cherished memories of going on beach vacations to see the ocean and go deep-sea fishing. They also visited lakes to stay close to the water when they couldn’t get to an ocean beach. For Kriss’ dream, she decided to check one last lake off her bucket list by visiting Lake McConaughy with her family.

The Dreamweaver team was honored to be a part of Kriss’ Dream of visiting Lake McConaughy and wanted to ensure she had a fantastic trip! Arrangements were made and before long, Kriss and her family traveled to Lake McConaughy for an extended weekend filled with adventures and relaxation.

Once at the lake, Kriss enjoyed spending time with her family and her beloved service animal, Storm. He too was happy near the water – frolicking and relaxing at the lake. Kriss and her son enjoyed fishing, kayaking, and visiting local sights and restaurants. With this summer being especially dry and the lake level low, Kriss could see the remnants of Lemoyne, a town submerged when Kingsley Dam was completed, and Lake McConaughy started filling with water. When she was not having fun at the lake, she was enjoying some much-needed rest in the beautiful cabin overlooking the water. Kriss noted that this was the “best sleep she has had in a while.” Kriss returned from her Dream well rested and with memories of yet another wonderful, water-centered vacation with her family that will last a lifetime.