This one begins at a pig roast! Wait? What??? That’s right. 35 years ago, Don noticed this girl, Kim, at pig roast. He knew right away, he needed to know “this girl!” He asked around and found out that her birthday was coming up, so he took a chance and sent her a birthday card asking her out on a date! It worked! After six years of dating, the couple finally wed.

The happy couple moved to Hawaii and grew their family by three…two beautiful daughters, and a handsome son.

When her son was just a few months old, Kim noticed she was more tired than usual. She definitely didn’t experience this kind of tire with her first two pregnancies. A check-up with her OBGYN showed her hormone levels were expressly high, indicating cancer. Kim was diagnosed with rare cancer, Choriocarcinoma, better known as cancer of the placenta. The cancer was fast moving and already had spread to her brain, liver, and lungs. With a team of doctors by her side and a strong faith, Kim fought for her life, always keeping a positive attitude. With a decision to undergo a difficult surgery, Kim was cancer-free!

But the surgery and intense treatments had their setbacks. Kim lived with effects; eyeglasses, hearing aids, trouble always finding the “right word,” seizures, and pain.

Kim longed to receive a day of relaxation and pampering…an opportunity to feel like her old-self again. With the help of Hillcrest Hospice, Dreamweaver Foundation granted her wish! A day all about Kim was in order…nothing was left out. Kim received a massage, haircut, manicure, and make-up application. She felt so good, that she wanted some pictures take to remember this incredible day. So, we brought a photographer and Don in to make it all happen.

Kim and Don looked stunning. Don’s unconditional love for Kim shined through in every portrait. A photo IS really worth 1,000 words.