Kimberly has spent her life traveling around the world and has marveled at the beauty of the world. After seeing numerous different parts of the world, Kimberly set her sights on returning to Colorado to reminisce and make a few new memories. With new memories in mind, Kimberly headed off to Colorado Springs with her sister, Kathleen, and nephew, Quin. Kimberly had five ‘must have’ items on her list for her time in Colorado, so the group was busy with little time to spare.

First up, a ride on the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Although Kimberly was determined to see the iconic mountain views from the railway, the weather had alternative plans, as heavy snow closed the ride. Kimberly didn’t let the weather slow her down, as they quickly moved on to another item on the list, the Garden of the Gods. Kimberly took in the scenic views at the Garden of The Gods and was transported back in time as she recalled her wedding ceremony in the National Park.

Next up on the ‘must have’ list was reconnecting with her lifelong best friend, Donna. Meeting for a beautiful dinner at a local Italian Restaurant, the group reunited for a delicious meal. Keeping a fine dining theme, Donna checked off another ‘must have’ by enjoying brunch at the Broadmoor. The Broadmoor offers a fine dining experience by “wining and dining” the guests in the old hotel resort. With excellent views, the Broadmoor met expectations as Donna was dazzled with the meal and the experience.

While exploring the town, Donna was in awe of how Colorado Springs has transformed since Kimberly called it home. After a bit of difficulty, they eventually found Kimberly’s old home, which was in a rural neighborhood then, but the neighborhood is now almost unrecognizable! Last but not least, Kimberly checked off the final ‘must have’ on the list by taking a picture with Dino, the Sinclair dinosaur!