Some Dreamers want simple things, like sharing their favorite meal with a family member. But sometimes it takes a little coordination and a lot of enthusiasm to bring those two simple things together. With the help of Ashley from AseraCare and Kelly’s sister Sandy, Dreamweaver was able to make it happen.

Kelly had a few ideas for his Dream. He wanted a new haircut, some new clothes, and a ride in a classic car. But he mostly wanted a steak dinner, a meal he truly enjoyed. To make it extra special, Dreamweaver Foundation brought in his sister from Colorado so the two could share a meal together.

Sandy flew in from Denver and spent the weekend in Hastings with Kelly. It was a quick trip, but more than enough time to make many new memories. The two enjoyed catching up, laughing at old stories of their childhood, and helping Kelly feel extra special. They went shopping, drove around town, and picked out the best steak restaurant in town.

Kelly was grateful to share a meal with his sister, and Sandy was happy to be there with him. The photos reveal their happiness through the big smiles on each of their faces.

Sandy had to head back home Sunday afternoon. With a heartfelt hug goodbye, the brother and sister were happy to spend a short and sweet weekend together, doing exactly what Kelly wanted to do.

Thank you to AseraCare and Travel and Transport for making this Dream happen so quickly for Kelly!