Kelly Jacobs

Program Coordinator


Kelly, an Omaha native, has always had a passion for helping others. From serving as the “mom figure” in her friend circles to spending intentional time with her family and friends, she’s someone you can always count on. Kelly graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Advertising.

Kelly has worked for non-profits for nearly a decade, most recently at Dolphin Research Center, a marine mammal center in the Florida Keys, where she led youth and adult programming, engaged with guests, and spent time with her favorite grey-faced dolphin friends.

In early 2022, Kelly decided it was time to move back to Omaha to be closer to her family. When the Program Coordinator position at Dreamweaver opened, she felt it was a great match for her skills and interests. Some of her most cherished memories have been of the times spent with both her grandmothers. She has always felt a connection to serving others, and now having the opportunity to create life lasting memories for older adults and their families has been rewarding.
Kelly currently resides in Omaha. She enjoys soaking up the sunshine, listening to music, and spending as much time with her family as possible, especially her niece and nephew.