The small town of Vertigre, Nebraska saw a spike in its average 500-person population in early August. Wally and Ellis traveled from Arizona for Katie to meet her grandson for the first time. A few more family members came to town too, creating an impromptu family reunion to spend time with Katie.

A few days before the visit, Katie’s daughter-in-law nominated her to receive a Dream. She knew how important it was to her to see her son and grandson. Because they lived hundreds of miles away, the families hadn’t seen each other in years. With Katie’s health concerns, now was the time. Dreamweaver quickly booked flights and a hotel room, and Wally and Ellis were on their way. Flying from Arizona to Omaha then driving three more hours, the boys had a long day of travel. But it was all worth it.

The days together were spent playing games, making jokes with Ellis, and enjoying the simplistic charm of small-town Nebraska. Katie’s Dream of having all of those important to her, surrounding her with support and love, came true.