When the Dreamweaver team met Kathy, it was clear she is a very sentimental woman with a modest dream – to share a meal with her beloved husband. Kathy’s husband had not been able to visit her as often as they both would have liked. Dreamweaver was happy to assist them in sharing quality time together, along with their favorite meal from Red Lobster.

On the day of Kathy’s Dream, her husband was escorted to their lunch date by our friends at Care One. Kathy had received a fresh bouquet of flowers for their lunch date. And along with their meals, Kathy received a gift basket filled with her favorite snacks. She mentioned her home does not always have her favorite snacks on hand, so we wanted to make sure she would have plenty. Her husband said, “She now has enough snacks to last her until Christmas.” It was truly a pleasure helping reconnect Kathy and her husband. Quite often, it is the small things that mean the most in life.