Kathy is a very positive lady with a self-professed “goofy” sense of humor.  Kathy’s fun-loving nature runs in the family, and when Kathy’s cancer diagnosis was starting to get her down, she could think of nothing else that she would rather do for her Dream than to get the whole gang together for a big family party.

As the date approached, Kathy became concerned that her diagnosis would weigh down the mood of her party and “bum everyone out”.  We knew that we had to do our best to lighten the mood, so we enlisted the help of a Dream Team Volunteers to create a slideshow compilation that included hilarious video clips mixed in with her family member’s goofiest picture, and to snap pictures at a photobooth with some fun props (including a life-size Michael Jackson cutout and a Mike Tyson mask).

Originally, Kathy told us that she didn’t expect many guests, but as time went on and word spread about her party she realized that there were a whole lot of people who love her and wouldn’t miss it for the world! We kept the food simple and delicious—fried chicken and pulled pork with beans and potato salad, and a big chocolate cake at Kathy’s request. We played fun tunes from Kathy’s hey-day, and some modern songs to get her grandkids moving on the dance floor!  We were so happy to have Amber Rae Photography on hand to snap pics of the family—hugging, laughing, and catching up and reminiscing about good times.

Not one for the spotlight, Kathy hid behind the Mike Tyson mask when family members grabbed the microphone to share their favorite funny Kathy memories.  When she removed the mask, her face showed how touched she was by their tributes, and how thankful she was for the opportunity to gather with her loving family for a final hurrah!

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Hillcrest Hospice for introducing us to Kathy through the nomination process.  We also want to send a big shout-out to the Firefighter’s Union Hall for their help, to Hy-Vee (50th & Center) for catering the perfect meal, and to Image Entertainment for donating DJ equipment for this fun family party!