For Kathy, there was no better way to spend Mother’s Day than with her daughter, Carrie.

Traveling to Kansas City had been on her mind for almost a year. She dreamed of seeing her daughter’s first home. But the six-hour trip from Lexington, Nebraska to Kansas City, Missouri seemed unattainable. She was worried her health would hold her back. However, for this trip of a lifetime, she was willing to try.

After months of rest and physical therapy, Kathy gained the strength to make the drive.  Bright and early on a Friday morning, Kathy, her husband, John, and caregiver, Deb, began their trip south to Kansas City.

Kathy was greeted with a big smile and warm hug from her daughter as she arrived at the hotel. The sweet smell of Kansas City BBQ filled the air as she was reunited with her sister and brother too! They had also traveled from Nebraska, making this weekend a mini-family reunion they were all excited for.

Saturday was the day Kathy had been waiting for. They spent the day reminiscing about old memories and creating new ones in Carrie’s beautiful home. Good cooking and large celebratory meals had been important to the family for many generations. For lunch they enjoyed Alaskan moose burgers from Carrie’s recent vacation. For dinner, mom and daughter shared a serving of her favorite lasagna. Passing down recipes and the love for preparing meals was instilled in Carrie as well.

Carrie drove around Fort Leavenworth with her mother, showing her where she was going to school for the United States Army.  Kathy was very proud of her daughter’s accomplishments.

Before heading back to Carrie’s home, they stopped by the Kansas City Speedway to see the preparations for that evening’s NASCAR race. Kathy was most excited to see one of her favorite pastimes and have the opportunity to watch the race from the comfort of her daughter’s home.

After a whirlwind Saturday, Kathy rested on Sunday. Mother’s Day was spent having the quality time with her daughter that she had dreamed of for so long. She was happy to see Carrie’s home, happy her health stayed strong, and happy her Mother’s Day weekend was truly memorable.

Thank you Rental City for providing a comfortable recliner for Kathy and Home2Suites for the hotel accommodations.