For residents of Omaha and surrounding communities, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is a place of nostalgia and memories.

The last time Kathryn strolled through their acres of animals was in 1970 when her cousin returned from the Navy.  Her family hosted a family gathering at the Zoo to welcome the sailor home.

Not only does the Zoo hold a special place in Kathryn’s heart because of the memories from that welcomehome party, but Kathryn has always loved animals of all kinds, shapes and sizes!  Throughout her life in Silver City, IA she and her family raised many farm dogs and cats…and even a few pigs!

At 94 years young, Kathryn is still as wild for animals today as she was 49 years ago.  Her room is decorated with all types of stuffed animals; lions, giraffes, kitties, even a skunk.  Each animal has a name and a story to share.

When Mary Smith, Social Worker for AseraCare in Council Bluffs, saw Kathryn’s exotic collection, she knew it was time for Kathryn to experience the Henry Doorly Zoo again.  With Dreamweaver Foundation’s help, Kathryn arrived at the Zoo bright and early on a Monday morning.  The weather was cloudy and rainy, but that wasn’t going to stop Kathryn from fulfilling her dream.

The Zoo has grown a lot since her last visit and for hours, Kathryn, her son Mark and AseraCare aide, Patty, toured the expanded exhibits of amazing animals.  With Kathryn’s dementia, she sometimes doesn’t get too excited, but she was very enthusiastic to see majestic fish swimming in the aquarium.  Before it was time to leave, Kathryn wanted her favorite thing, a plain hamburger!  The group trekked in the rain to the only hamburger stand open, near the new Glacier Bay Landing.  You can bet it was the best hamburger she’s ever had and a great way to end a wonderful day.

Thank you AseraCare Council Bluffs and Midwest Medical for helping us fulfill Kathryn’s Dream.