Ask anyone that knows Karen, they will tell you she loves Elvis and McDonald’s Cheeseburgers! Karen fell in love with Elvis to rebel against her parents…they wouldn’t allow Elvis’ music in their home. But, that didn’t stop her from buying his records and secretly listening to his music with her friends.

Karen loves reminiscing about attending his final concert in Omaha on June 19, 1977. Colleen O’Neill, Hillcrest Health Hospice Chaplin, wanted to give Karen the chance to relive those memories. With help from the Dreamweaver Foundation and Hillcrest Shadow Lake, Karen’s Dream came true!

She had no idea why her family was visiting on that particular day and why all the residents were waiting in the dining room, until she heard the music and saw Elvis! A big smile and laughter filled Karen’s face.

Karen couldn’t stop laughing and smiling during the show, especially when Elvis shook his hips in front of her! Elvis transported Karen and all the residents back in time that afternoon.

Thank you to Hillcrest Health, Shadow Lake Activities, and Craig Florian for fulfilling Karen’s Dream!