June and her husband, Roger, had a long-standing tradition of trying different diners in Omaha. Exploring new places and trying new foods together was one of their favorite hobbies. After years of exploring, they decided Herald’s Koffee Kafe was one of their absolute favorite places. Now that June and her husband are living apart, June wanted to reunite with her husband for a date at none other than Heralds’ Kafe!

Before June headed out for her date, Dreamweaver Foundation assisted her in getting ready. June was keen to impress her husband by making sure she looked stunning for her date with a new outfit, manicure, and fresh hairstyle! The loving couple met Herald’s, where Roger gave her a card and a bundle of flowers, just as excited for their special day as June. The couple enjoyed a delicious meal while soaking in the time together and feeling like their younger selves again. They ended their date happily and went home with a beautiful new memory between them.