When Dreamweaver Foundation met Judy and discussed her endless dream opportunities, Judy knew her dream was to enjoy a weekend getaway with her husband, Bill. After debating on returning home to South Dakota, Judy decided instead to head south for a new adventure in Branson. Dreamweaver Foundation chose to make the trip extra special for the couple by surprising them with an old family tradition of theirs: a moose hat. When Judy and Bill went on road trips with their children, they always brought along a moose hat to make the trip extra fun for the kids. For Judy’s memorable trip, we couldn’t let her go without her own moose hat!

With so many options and attractions to experience, Judy and Bill made the most of their time. The pair took advantage of the fall weather as they strolled through town, taking in all of Branson. They stopped to enjoy Hamner’s Variety Theater and a Murder Mystery Show, and an Amish store selling homemade goods that Judy couldn’t get enough of, and even an old-fashioned ‘Five and Dime’ store where they got a new card game to play once they got home. The happy couple knew they couldn’t come to Branson and not experience the famous Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise. The cruise offered a unique fine dining experience and a show, all while cruising the scenic Table Rock Lake. From a VIP table in the center of the stage, Judy and Bill enjoyed a delicious meal while soaking in the show.

When it came time to head home, they weren’t quite ready to end the fun and stopped at Lambert’s Café before leaving town. Judy was delighted to enjoy a free meal and enjoyed the entertainment of having dinner rolls thrown directly to the diner guests. When Bill and Judy finally hit the road home, Judy was so happy from their trip and content to look at all the fall foliage passing out the window with her moose hat proudly sitting on her head.