Judith has always loved Elvis and then found a love for Elvis Tribute Artist, Joseph Hall. She had the opportunity to see Joseph Hall perform once, but she never thought she would be able to see him again. Then, when Judith found out that Joseph Hall was coming to Fremont for a performance, she knew she had to attend, and the Dreamweaver team was happy to make this happen.  

Before heading to the concert, Judith was joined by her daughter and closest friends for a delicious meal at Renita Restaurant, which specializes in Guatemalan cuisine. The staff at Renita’s treated Judith like a true queen. 

Upon arriving at the concert venue in her new Joseph Hall t-shirt, Judith was blown away to see who was there to greet her, Joseph Hall himself. Judith’s concert Dream began with a one-on-one conversation with Joseph, and he autographed her t-shirt. 

Once the show started, Judith and her entourage were in awe. Joseph Hall put on an unforgettable performance that hypnotized the crowd with his voice and electric dance moves. During his performance, Judith was gifted a large teddy bear from Joseph as well as numerous silk scarfs. Joseph also dedicated “Where No One Stands Alone” to Judith. Judith enjoyed singing along to this favorite song, holding her daughter’s hand and surrounded by her best friends.  

Judith’s friends noted they hadn’t seen Judith smile this much in years, and Judith agreed, stating, “It brought some life back into me.” Judith went home with new Joseph Hall memorabilia, including coffee cups, T-shirts, necklaces, and of course, his albums! When asked what she thought of her Dream, Judith stated she, “…felt like a queen.”