When Dreamweaver Foundation met with Juan to discuss his dream possibilities, Juan shared that he has never had a birthday celebration. Despite his birthday already passing, the Dreamweaver Foundation team insisted to Juan it was never too late to celebrate!

When asked how he would like to celebrate his birthday, Juan instantly knew he would like to spend the day with his two best friends, Sherry, and Lindsey. Juan was gifted with numerous presents, including a new outfit to wear on his special day. Along with a new outfit for his dream, Juan was also treated to sweaters and sweatpants to keep him warm this winter and a new rosary necklace. Dressed in his new outfit, Juan and his friends indulged in his favorite food at Ika Ramen, followed by an afternoon at the movie theater watching the classic movie, Die Hard.

Spending time with his friends was the perfect way for Juan to spend his day. Sherry shared that Juan was “like a kid at Christmas” throughout the day, and Juan was in awe, nothing. “Nobody has ever done anything like this for me.” Juan’s birthday celebration continued throughout the day, with one final and favorite gift, a life-like robotic cat. Juan quickly bonded with his new feline friend as he and his new companion are constantly together!