Johnny is a fan of the simple things in life.  He loves animals and growing up in Kentucky he developed a love for exploring garage sales for great finds, fishing and playing pool.  Johnny also used to love to go to the casino. The sights, sounds and excitement in the air always had a way of taking away his troubles.

Since his cancer diagnosis, Johnny has resided at Arbor Care Center in Ord.  The staff there have fallen in love with Johnny’s easy-going nature and gentle spirit.  As Johnny’s disease has progressed, his care team and hospice staff watched him withdraw a bit from the activities that he used to enjoy.  They knew that Johnny needed a boost and nominated him to receive a Dream.

Johnny told us that he would like to go to a casino again, so we arranged for limo transportation and provided him with some spending money for this Dream come true day.  Katie, Arbor Care Center’s Activities Director, accompanied Johnny to Omaha for his Dream.  As the two entered Harrah’s Casino, Katie could see that Johnny was full of anticipation and hope for a lucky time at the slots. He told her that if he won big, he would donate his winnings to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  After a quick lunch, the two sat side by side at the slot machines.  Katie noticed that Johnny’s whole demeaner seemed to perk up in this exciting and energizing setting.  Though they didn’t hit the jackpot, the smile did not leave Johnny’s face during the long ride home.  When we asked Johnny about the highlight of his day, he told us that just getting out and about helped him to feel like himself again and he was very grateful for the opportunity.

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank AseraCare Hospice and Arbor Care Center of Ord for introducing us to Johnny through our nomination process.  We would also like to thank our community partners, VIP Limousine and Harrah’s Casino for their help in ensuring that Johnny enjoyed an unforgettable Dream day.