Jody’s room is decorated in scarlet and cream, the official colors of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers.

With a big smile across her face, she shared her love for the team and watching football for decades. Jody is a Husker fan to her core, and her family knew there was no better way to celebrate her birthday than a football party.

Living in Lincoln most of her life, Jody loved game-day weekends in a college town. Her party was planned for a Sunday afternoon so friends and family could join. The activity space was decorated, just like her room, in scarlet and cream. Football confetti was sprinkled across the tables, and red and white flowers and balloons gave the room a cheerful feel.

Jody proudly wore her new Husker gear from Scheel’s, a bright red sweater and jewelry to sparkle and shine. It was a great day to support her team since they had just won the game against Northwestern the day before. Everyone was in high spirits and ready to celebrate!

Jody chose her favorite foods to be served at her party—pasta and desserts. A pasta bar from Noodles and Company was served so everyone could choose a warm and delicious plate. Close to 40 people gathered for her big day. All family and friends sharing stories and laughing about Jody’s sweet spirit. It was a double win weekend, a win for the Nebraska Cornhusker football team and a win for Jody!

Thank you to Sumner Place, Noodles and Company and HyVee for making this Dream possible.