If you live in Nebraska, you should experience a Husker Game Day at least once, and Jim thought his dream would be the perfect chance to experience his first-ever Husker football game! Jim chose to enhance his Husker game day experience by sharing it with his brothers, Marvin and Dean, and his good friend, Ken.

Dressed in a new camouflage Husker outfit, Jim and his entourage made their way to Lincoln in style while riding in a limo, another first for Jim! He enjoyed the ride while relaxing and enjoying his favorite beverage, Diet Mountain Dew. Once in Lincoln, Jim was immersed in the Husker experience, which was “cooler than hell!” Jim soaked up the atmosphere of cheering fans and was amazed by their energy. He was mind-blown by the size of Memorial Stadium, not to mention without an empty seat in sight.

Despite a delay in the game due to thunder and lightning, Jim stayed for the entirety of the game, watching as the Huskers grabbed their second win of the season! With all the cheering, Jim worked up an appetite, so the group made their way to Big Red Keno. While at Big Red Keno, Jim indulged in a delicious burger and fries and completed his meal with an ice-cold beer. After returning home shortly before midnight, Jim was tired from his long and fantastic day, but as late as it was, he still couldn’t stop smiling.