If you ask them how long they’ve been together, Jerry and Pat will tell you “forever”…and this adds up, because you can tell just by looking at them that the love between them is endless.  Last Christmas, the couple was shocked when Jerry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Jerry’s battle has been an all-hands on deck effort for the family, forcing Jerry to retire from his job in law enforcement and Pat to stay home to help.  It has been a rough year full of changes—adjusting to retirement, keeping a distance from loved ones during the pandemic, feeling beat up by the effects of aggressive chemotherapy—all have taken a toll.  Their faith in God and their love for one another and their family have given them the strength to get through the most difficult days.

On a chilly fall day, their daughter Kaylee opened-up to her co-worker, Amber, about her father’s battle.  She told Amber that she wished there was something she could do to help give her parents a boost during this difficult time. As luck would have it, Kaylee confided to the right person at the right time!  Amber often lends her talents to Dreamweaver as a photographer, and she knew exactly how to make Kaylee’s wish for her parents a reality through our online nomination process!

Jerry and Pat, who have been so blown away by the love and support they have received during this time from their community, were overwhelmed with gratitude to be nominated to receive a Dream.  Jerry told us that he wanted to take his bride on a long overdue honeymoon to celebrate the new year together!  A warm climate was an important factor in choosing a destination, as the effects of chemotherapy have made Jerry very sensitive to the cold. We knew that the Bungalows, an all-inclusive Key Largo Florida resort, would be the perfect destination for this amazing couple to ring in the new year!

Jerry and Pat were treated like royalty by the Bungalows staff. Nestled in the middle of the action, with their own private bungalow, Jerry and Pat enjoyed plenty of sun, fun, and time together.  The vacation was exactly what this sweet couple needed.  They were able to take a much-needed break from cancer while they soaked up the sun and enjoyed delicious food and poolside entertainment.

We would like to thank the wonderful management and staff at the Bungalows who went the extra mile to make Jerry and Pat’s experience extra special!  We would also like to thank our friends at Corporate Travel Management who seamlessly helped us secure non-stop flights and ground transportation during an especially chaotic holiday travel season.