Jeffrey has experienced many adrenaline-seeking adventures in his life, but he still wanted to add more rush. Jeffrey dreamed of one more swim. When describing his hopes for his Dream, Jeffrey said, “I want to walk to the deep end of the pool and dive in.” He also mentioned he hoped to tread water and feel weightless while floating.  

Our friends at Westview YMCA were eager to invite Jeffrey to swim at their pool. A VIP Limo Sprinter van drove Jeffrey, his sister, and his two nephews to the YMCA in West Omaha. Upon their arrival, Jeffrey was greeted by the executive director of Westview YMCA, Macy, and several lifeguards, who were available to help Jeffrey fulfill his Dream.  

Jeffrey’s first request was to take a (walking) lap around the pool. Once he walked toward the deeper water, he took it upon himself to complete his Dream of diving into the deep end. He floated in the deep end for a bit, soaking up the feeling of weightlessness. Jeffrey befriended a lifeguard, Davis, and the two held a long conversation in the pool. They played a little pool basketball, and Jeffrey even contemplated going off the diving board. After all this swimming fun, Jeffrey had worked up quite an appetite and was ready for lunch. 

Jeffrey and his family headed to Spaghetti Works in the Old Market, and Jeffrey was treated to his favorite pasta dish. A big carb-loaded lunch was certainly earned after enjoying his morning in the pool. And after a long rest, he was proud to share his latest adventure with his friends and family on social media. Still to this day, Jeffrey talks about his swimming Dream. 

Dreamweaver Foundation was pleased to help Jeffrey experience his Dream of swimming in the deep end.