For as long as Jean can remember, she has been an avid Elvis fan. From his records to his movies, Jean has watched and listened to everything Elvis. Unfortunately, she never had the chance to see an Elvis show live on stage. But, she has seen the next best thing, Joseph Hall as Elvis. The first time she saw Joseph Hall in 2012, she wasn’t feeling very well. For 6 years, she wished she could see Joseph Hall just one more time. When AseraCare Grand Island heard about Jean’s Elvis wish, they wanted to make a special memory and knew Dreamweaver Foundation could help!

With help from Jean’s sisters, Brookfield Park and AseraCare Grand Island, Dreamweaver Foundation surprised Jean with an Elvis concert for her family and friends at Brookfield Park. The day started with a new hairdo and manicure from Red Carpet Salon. Next, she was dressed in a beautiful new outfit picked out by her sisters. Jean had no idea what all the fuss was about that day. Finally, it was show time. Elvis walked into the room and Jean’s jaw dropped, she was in awe. Elvis presented her with a beautiful floral bouquet, even sneaking a kiss on the cheek before beginning the show. For an hour, Jean and everyone sang along, enjoying every minute of Elvis’ silky smooth voice and hip sways. In true Elvis fashion, Joseph Hall handed Jean a red scarf and ended the show singing to her on his knee Can’t Help Falling in Love.

The family shared, “this was Jean’s best day in a long time. The show really cheered her up.” Jean told her sister, “I will be dreaming of Elvis for a while”!

Thank you Joseph Hall, Brookfield Park, AseraCare Grand Island and Nancy Bennett for partnering with Dreamweaver to fulfill Jean’s Dream.