Jean had spent her entire life caring for others, including working as a nurse for forty years before retiring at age 74. Jean dedicated her career to improving the lives of her patients, now Dreamweaver Foundation was glad for the opportunity to do the same for Jean! When asked what would bring her happiness, Jean quickly decided she would enjoy a boat ride on Lake Wanahoo with her family members. And while her loved ones were all gathered for a boat ride, Jean decided to treat her family to the perfect summer BBQ. 

On the day of her Dream, Jean dressed in her new outfit – completed by a vibrant and colorful sun hat. With the assistance of No-Prob-Limo, Jean traveled in style to Lake Wanahoo. Once she arrived at the cabin near the lake, Jean was met by her family members, including her niece who traveled all the way from Texas. The cabin was decorated in shades of red and white tied together with Swedish decorations – highlighting her family’s heritage. In keeping with the theme, Jean sported a special garment that read “hug me” in Swedish. Taking that message to heart, Jean’s family took turns providing her with hugs. And they all enjoyed a delicious meal catered by Hy-Vee. 

After their meal, Jean and her family made their way to the water. She was gifted with a “top 10 weather day” – beautiful sunshine and mild heat. Live Well. Go Fish. provided Jean with a fabulous boat ride, cruising smoothly over the water and allowing Jean to take in the lovely scenery. With thirty of her family members in tow, Jean’s entourage took turns enjoying a boat ride. 

After the excited anticipation of her Dream and a day full of sun, good food, boating, and love, Jean was exhausted. Once back home, she took a four-hour long nap. But Jean is still gushing over the day that she describes as “perfect from beginning to end.”  The Dream team was delighted to be involved in Jean’s perfect day!