We here at Dreamweaver Foundation often say, “It’s never too late to dream.”, and when we are working with Dreamers with rapidly declining health, we have learned how to act fast!  Jeanne knew that she didn’t have much time left when her family gathered at her bedside on a fall afternoon.  A  true-blue (or should we say Red and White) Husker Fan, Jeanne insisted that the family watch together with her, what she knew would be her last Nebraska football game.  On a whim during a commercial break, Jeanne’s sister submitted a nomination form to Dreamweaver on Jeanne’s behalf to let us know how much it would mean for her sister to meet one of her Husker heroes.

Time was of the essence to make this Dream come true for Jeanne.  As soon as the game was over, we used our resources to connect with Coach Scott Frost.  He did not hesitate to find time in his schedule on Sunday for a video call with Jeanne.  Surrounded by her family, in the comfort of her bed, Coach Frost’s call brought a smile to her face, and a glimmer of hope to her eye as he talked with her about their shared values of family and faith, and their love for the game of football.

Unfortunately, Jeanne passed away shortly after the call.  We are honored that we were able to help her realize her Dream.  Dreamweaver Foundation would like to extend our deepest thanks to Coach Frost and the Nebraska Cornhusker Football organization for their amazing response to our request, and for the heartfelt impact they had on our Dreamer.