The two things Jeanette values most in her life are her family and her faith. So when she was thinking about her Dream, of course her ideas revolved around combining the two things she values most. Jeanette loves listening to Christian bands. In fact, her family has attended many Christian performances over the years. Dreamweaver Foundation asked a local gospel group, Witness, to perform for Jeanette and her family and friends during her gathering. 

Jeanette’s Dream took place on a Sunday evening at Faith Bible Church in Omaha.  Before the concert Jeanette and her family enjoyed a tasty meal of fried chicken, salad, mashed potatoes, and dessert pizza, catered by Hy-Vee. During dinner, Jeanette and her family, including her daughter who flew in from out of state, reminisced about their time serving the church while her husband, Paul, served as Pastor.  After dinner, Jeanette and her immediate family plus several cousins, invited members of the congregation to join the special musical performance by Witness. 

The concert by Witness was Jeanette’s favorite part of her Dream. She was so happy to celebrate with her loved ones. After her Dream, Jeanette explained, “the best thing that ever happened (in my life) was marrying Paul.” And Paul was pivotal in the Dream-planning process. He kept everyone in communication, helped find the musicians his wife would enjoy most, reserved the church, and made sure Jeanette would thoroughly enjoy her Dream. He helped her get ready and even pinned her corsage on her blouse just like they were going to a dance. The couple mingled and wore ear-to-ear grins the entire night. The love her friends, family, and especially her husband, have for Jeanette is unmeasurable. 

Dreamweaver Foundation was happy to partner with Paul to create Jeanette’s Dream, one that honored the values of faith and family she so cherishes.