Is there anything better than a night out with your best girlfriends? When Jan brainstormed what she would like to do for her Dream, she quickly decided a night out with her best friends was just what she needed! She decided on dinner and a show for their big night.

With her big night out on the horizon, Jan began her preparations! First up, Jan was gifted a whimsical new springtime outfit! Jan had a special request for comfortable shoes to wear with her outfit and was pleasantly surprised by the “unbelievably comfortable shoes” Dreamweaver was able to find to complete her outfit. To provide an extra special touch to her night, Jasmine at Omaha Mobile Nails provided Jan with her first-ever manicure! With nails to match her outfit, the only thing left was to have her hair styled to perfection, which Kaylene at Shear Chaos provided with ease!

On the night of her Dream, Jan was joined by her closest friends, who, over the years, have turned into her caregivers. Jan and her friends gathered at her home and were amazed when a stretch limo from VIP Sedan and Limousine arrived to whisk them off! The first stop of the night was Sullivan’s Steakhouse, where Jan enjoyed her first filet mignon. Jen raved about her meal and could not get enough of their spinach salad. 

After the delicious meal, Jan and her girl gang went to the Omaha Orpheum Theater for the Yen Shun performance. Jan was amazed at the dancers’ abilities and was delighted she was able to see the historical performance. After her Dream, Jan was in awe that she was gifted with such an experience. Jan described her big night out on the town as a “very special night” and she is very grateful to Dreamweaver Foundation for providing her with the experience.